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What is a Toroid?

Toroid is the core shape of the common mode chokes. A continuous circular path aids in maximizing the magnetic coupling between the windings. This minimizes leakage inductance. A toroid is inexpensive compared to the other type (E cores).

The toroids have a simple coil wound around a cylindrical structure, which is then bent into a doughnut shape. This merges the poles and creates an external magnetic field with regular polarities. A toroid coil also has the magnetic flux largely kept inside the coil to lessen magnetic radiation from the coil and sensitivity to the external fields.


  1. Computer monitor cables.

  2. Power Supplies.

  3. Radio

  4. Ham Radio

  5. Scanners

  6. Transmitters

  7. Transformers

Most of the Electro-Magnetic applications.

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