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Ferrite Bead


What is ferrite bead?

Ferrite bead is also known as ferrite cores, ferrite EMI filters, ferrite rings and ferrite chokes. Ferrite bead is a passive electric components, capable of suppressing noise created by high frequencies in the electronic circuits. They function by employing the high dissipation mechanism of high frequency electrical currents in a ferrite (a solid solution in which alpha iron is the solvent). This aids in the buildup of high-frequency noise suppression by attenuating selected frequency bands, which, otherwise, interfere with the functionalities of certain electrical devices like the DC supplies and the transmission cables.

Ferrite bead resemble inductors in a lot of ways. The place they differ is they find usage in domains where a general-purpose inductor shall be considered parasitic. To simplify more, they act as high impedance providers, or as resistors to high frequency electronic noise in EMI/RFI.

Simplest and the least expensive among all types of interference filters, these dowel-resembling ferromagnetic devices allow adding to most of the currently existing electronic circuits.


Ferrite bead is used in anything that requires high-frequency noise suppression, which, otherwise, may interfere with the functionalities of certain electrical devices. For example, the DC supplies and the transmission cables.

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