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Flyback Transformer

Flyback Transformer

What is a Flyback Transformer?

Flyback transformer, or, line output transformers are a part of the power supplies in cathode ray tubes. The flyback transformer generates a high voltage, as needed by the CRT display or similar devices (e.g. plasma lamps). A flyback transformer generates a voltage between a few kilovolts to 50 kilovolts and uses high frequency switched currents between 17 kHz and 50 kHz.

The chief difference between a flyback transformer and main/audio transformer is that flybacks transfer as well as store energy, for a just a fraction of an entire switching period. The secret behind that is the coil winding on a ferrite core that has an air gap; it increases the magnetic circuit reluctance for storing the energy.

The reason it is called a flyback transformer is because the primary winding uses a relatively low-voltage saw-tooth wave. The wave gets strengthened first and then gets switched off abruptly; this causes the beam to fly back from right to left on the display.

  1. Cathode ray tube.

  2. Televisions.

  3. Plasma Lamps

  4. Any display requiring high voltage to operate.
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