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What is an inductor?

Inductors, or reactors are passive electrical components, capable of storing energy within a magnetic field, which is created by a passing electric current through it. This enables an inductor to delay and reshape alternating currents.

The capacity of an inductor is to store magnetic energy is called inductance, measured in units of henries. One among the most basic components used in electronics, inductors are a must where current and voltage alters with time.


An Inductor finds extensive usage in analog circuits for signal processing. Together with capacitors, they form the tuned circuits, which emphasize/filter-out specific frequencies from a signal. Thus, from power supplies to radio reception and broadcasting, inductors are a must.

In electrical transmission systems, an inductor act as a safeguard that lower the voltages from lightning strikes; on the other hand, they limit switching currents and are more popular by the name reactors.
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